Stroller Organizer Bag: Parent Console Bags for Baby Pram and Toddler Car Seats, bag.

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  • MAKES FINDING YOUR BABY ACCESSORIES EASIER THAN EVER: Mama, you've got a lot on your mind. Give yourself a break! Let us help you keep your things organized, so you can find those bottles when your baby needs them. PatoKids incredible bag can hold more than other brands' bags that fit under the organizer umbrella, making you get more bang for your buck. Shower attendees, the need for these organizers is universal: from a city to the country, from the U.S. to Japan. Making them perfect gifts
  • NO MORE SPILLED DRINK OR BOTTLE DISASTERS: No more crying over spilled milk, for you and your baby. We've got cup holders galore, one for your mini-me - and one for you, too! PatoKids' dual-cupholder bag, by having its own place for bottles, also keeps more space open in the bag for other items. So bring that water bottle, add that toy bunny, and take your toddler's stuffed dog, Spot, along for the ride, too; when it comes to storage, this bag will get the job done
  • NEVER LOSE YOUR VALUABLES AGAIN: A lot of brands' bags seem like okay deals at first glance but lack the theft protection you and your baby need. When you inevitably set down your bag or lose it for a moment, you and your valuables will be safe in our bag - but not so with the other guy. With our organizer's many locks working in tandem, you can feel safe zipping your wallet, phone, iPad and other valuables in the bag and doing what you love - playing with your kids
  • YOU'LL HAVE A PLACE FOR EVERY SINGLE THING: Get ready to sport a calm frame of mind when leaving the house for the day. You'll no longer spend time hurriedly trying to push all of your baby items into a bag. This large, lightweight organizer can be unzipped in the bottom for extra room. Feel free to pack stuff in for the whole day during the busy times. This bag can handle it all!
  • STOP CARRYING AROUND MULTIPLE BAGS WITH THE SAME PURPOSE: Tote this ultralight on-trend caddy around on your hand, use the adjustable strap to fit it around carseats or place it on strollers, depending on your needs. Drive out to a mountain vista, go jogging and head back to town for ice cream, all while using the same bag. There's no reason you should have 3 bags doing the job of one; see the light and choose the right, ultralight bag. GET IT RISK FREE WITH 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Product Description

Mom, you deserve to get out and go places, and Dad, so do you!

You'll breeze through days outside of the house with Patokids' new stroller organizer.

✔ Thanks to this product, you can be out and about with your baby in all kinds of scenarios, with only one secure and organized stroller bag
✔ Connect your organizer to your stroller (it works with all kinds) and carseat, or carry it in your hend
✔ It'll work for a jogger, a driver, or any other parent with a purpose

Sometimes, though, your kid creates a mess - albeit not on purpose. When that happens, be a pro parent and simply wash the elite black organizer. Parenting problem solved just like that!

Just like that, we also solved an industry problem: Don't worry about the car seat straps wearing out. We use a buckle, not a scotch adhesive that wears thin, to make sure our product is top quality and long lasting.

We kept that desire for a long-lasting bag in mind when we decided on the organizer's trendy black color. It will match with any stroller, carseat, or outfit, keeping you and your family in style!

NOTE: Patokids is not responsible for cheap knock-off totes that last less than a week. These companies know every trick in the book, and your purchase is not reversible. Please be careful when shopping, skip the knock-offs and instead select a tried-and-true, premium Patokids bag.

This luxe durable bag lasts, letting you use it from the time your little one is a sweet newborn or infant to when he or she gets a baby sister or brother.

This wonderful organizer is an amazingly practical gift for new parents. It is a perfect present for a baby shower, for Christmas or any other occasion.

Get one for yourself and one for a loved one TODAY, while stock lasts!

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